Graduated Cylinder


Glass Graduated Cylinder

This 10 ml graduated cylinder is made of thermally-stable and chemically-resistant borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about plastics corrupting your fragrances. Measurements line start at 1 ml and demarcate every tenth milliliter. The liquid in this graduated cylinder forms a true meniscus, facilitating accurate measurement. 

How to Read a Meniscus

To read a meniscus, first note what each line indicates on the graduated cylinder. Our graduated cylinders have a line at every 0.1 ml. Now, get down at eye level. Notice that the fill line has a concave curve, so that it is lower in the middle. Also note that there is a top and bottom to the fill line (i.e., the meniscus). You want to read the BOTTOM CENTER of the meniscus. In this example, we have gone just the teeniest bit over 3ml –not quite enough to reach 3.1, or even 3.05 (and you have to guess at that because it’s halfway between the two lines). Probably 3.01 ml here.

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