Perfume Test Strips

Quantity:1 pack


Measurements: 5 inch x 0.5 inch (127 mm x 12.7 mm) 
Material: 230 GSM Paper 
Packaging: 100 Pieces/ clear plastic bag with sticky seal

Fragrance Blotters

These blotter strips are made for testing a fragrance. We use these to sample a scent, rather than, say just sniffing the bottle, because the strips give us a more accurate representation of the smell and how it wafts. If you just stick your nose into the bottle, what you get are mainly the top notes, which are the most prominent but also the shortest lived. Using a blotter strip allows you to experience the full range your fragrance has to offer.

How to Test a Perfume

With this purchase you receive 100 blotter strips for testing your fragrances. Here’s the basic method: First, write the name of the fragrance on one end of the blotter. Bend the other end at about 2 inches in. Dip the bent end into the bottle. Fan the blotter in front of your nose. You can also get a preview of how certain fragrances will combine by fanning multiple blotters in front of your nose. What’s the purpose of bending the blotter, you ask? Well, this keeps your table clean, since when you put the blotter back down on the table, the bent end, that is now laden with fragrance, will be safely up in the air.

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