Smell Like Spring: Create your own DIY Fragrance to Capture the Season

Smell Like Spring: Create your own DIY Fragrance to Capture the Season

The weather is warming, grass is growing, and flowers are blooming. Oh yes–spring is in the air. The scents of this season seem to be designed specifically for perfume. In fact, florals are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of perfume, and of spring.

But even if flowers aren’t your jam, we have some ideas for spring perfume blends that diverge from the traditional and will make you stand out in a crowd. 

What does spring smell like?

Spring evokes the scents of the earth awakening from its long winter nap. Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, snow gives way to rain, and buds appear on the trees. 

Perfumes designed to evoke spring will often center around the floral family or the green family of scents. 

Floral Fragrance Notes

Consider creating a fragrance that evokes spring for you by using the scents from spring-blooming flowers in your area. Vetiver, for example, is located in Zone 6, so we see honeysuckle, lilac, lily of the valley, and violet around this time of year. 

You can create a cottage blend by mixing multiple spring florals to evoke the traditional cottage garden overflowing with a wild abundance of variety. Or you can create a simple sleek fragrance that features a single floral. 

However, a flower blend on its own is only the starting point. The scent of spring is more than just floral. 

Green Fragrance Notes

I don’t know about you, but for me spring smells like fresh cut grass. Just a touch of this top note can lift a fragrance, bringing in the scent of backyard picnics–perhaps sipping green tea and watching the kids play on the lawn. Oh, and don’t forget to add just a touch of fresh dirt to your blend. It’s not just a joke fragrance! A tiny bit of dirt grounds your scent and adds depth and nuance.

Perhaps spring gets you thinking about your boat, or getting back to the lake. For you, a note of fresh water may be just the thing.

Fruity and Foody Notes

Would you like a scent that reminds you of picnics and family gatherings? Think about the foods that come alive in spring: strawberry shortcakes and delectable blackberries that stain your chin. 

Around these parts, we’re gearing up for Derby, so Mint Juleps and Oaks Lilies are abundant. Make your own mint julep fragrance with a blend of bourbon and wild mint

Oaks Lilies are served the Thursday of Oaks, and have a blend of fruits. You can make your own perfume to smell like an Oaks Lily using the following fragrance notes and essential oils:

And lest we not forget, here is a fun fragrance for Peeps Perfume from our recipe archive.

 Fragrance Percentage
Toasted Marshmallow 40%
Bergamot 4%
Honeysuckle 16%
Blood Orange 10%
Vanilla 10%
Almond 10%
Peach 10%


Have fun thinking about what scents evoke spring for you, then blending them to make your own DIY spring perfume. 

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