Midsummer Dream


<3 Midsummer Dream

Winter blues got you down? Well Vetiver has just the thing to remind you of those warm summer days! This perfume was inspired by a customer request for the lovely smell of orange trees blossoming under the summer sun. More of a daytime scent, we recomend you blend this perfume with our golden jojojba oil! Just like sunlight in a bottle, this little recipe is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Everything you need for this perfume can be ordered right here at vetiver! This recipe is given in drops, and perfectly fits in our 9 ml roll-on bottles. Once you add the oils to the bottle, fill the rest of the way with jojoba, cap with a roll-on insert, and give a gentle shake for 10 secs to throughly blend your perfume. Roll-on and enjoy! (Note this perfume took about 8 weeks to settle into its final form. Feel free to use this perfume recipe for personal, but not comercial purposes.) © Jessica Reynolds 2014

Oil  Drops Notes
Orange Blossom 40 Top
Neroli EO Blend 5 Top
Honeysuckle 10 Heart
Rosewood 15 Heart
Muhuhu EO 5 Base
Bergamot EO 8 Top
Apricot 8 Heart
Cinnamon 2 Heart
Fresh Dirt 1 Base
Vanilla 2 Base

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