Flower Pot


If you've ever wondered what on earth you can do with our fresh dirt fragrance oil (heh - get it - what on EARTH? Because it's DIRT?), then check this out. The oil smells just like it says - fresh dirt. Like freshly dug up garden soil. If you're a gardener, then you know and love this smell. It's all about working in the yard. Tending plants. Nurturing Mother Earth. Making things grow. 

And fresh dirt is a fine addition to your perfume. Adding just a touch will make your floral scent smell like you just picked those flowers straight from the garden. I call this scent "flower pot," because that's what it smells like to me - it's a bit heavier on the dirt, but you can always ramp it down a notch if you want less. Start by mixing the other oils, then add the dirt drop by drop until you get the amount that is right for your nose.

This recipe is given in ratios (x:100), which is good if you're measuring by the drop or need to calculate for your own bottles size, but also is automatically adjusted for our 9ml bottles and 30 ml bottles.

You can use either fractionated coconut oil (FCO) or perfumer's alcohol as your base. If you do not have perfumer's alcohol, Everclear works fairly well.

All of these oils are available in our store! Just click the fragrance names.

  Ratio/ Drops 9ml Bottle 30ml Bottle
fresh dirt 10 6.0 ml 3.0 ml
jasmine 7 0.6 ml 2.1 ml
gardenia 6 0.5 ml 1.8 ml
rose 5 0.5 ml 1.5 ml
vanilla 2 0.2 ml .6 ml
FCO 60 5.4 ml 9 ml

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