Cologne Kit


The Inspiration

This kit contains everything you need to make a classic, earthy cologne. It features top notes of citrus and bergamot, a ginger heart, and base notes of vetiver, cedarwood, and amber. Perfect for the gentleman in you life! It comes with an easy to follow recipe and includes alcohol as a base.

This is What You Get

1/4 oz vetiver essential oil with dropper
1/8 oz of the other six notes listed in the recipe below
2 oz alcohol
2 oz atomizer 
2 empty 1-dram vials
7 screw thread droppers
perfumer's funnel
100 fragrance tester strips
5 formula cards for recording blends
9 page Introduction to Artisan Perfumery booklet

A recipe to try using this kit: 

  Ratio/ Drops 9ml Bottle 30ml Bottle
Vetiver EO 12 1.1 ml 3.6 ml
Bergamot EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Lime FO 4 .36 ml 0.9 ml
Ginger EO 3 .27 ml 1.2 ml
Cedarwood EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Amber FO 3 .27 ml 0.9 ml
Orange Blossom FO 2 .18 ml 0.6 ml
Carrier Agent 60 5.4 ml 18 ml

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