Cologne Kit

The Inspiration

This kit contains everything you need to make a classic, earthy cologne. It features top notes of citrus and bergamot, a ginger heart, and base notes of vetiver, cedarwood, and amber. It is more of an evening scent. Perfect for the gentleman in you life! It comes with an easy to follow recipe and include fractionated coconut oil as a base.

This is What You Get

1/4 oz vetiver essential oil with dropper
1/8 oz of the other six oils listed in the recipe below
1 oz fractionated coconut oil
9 ml green glass roll-on bottle with black cap
15 ml rectangle glass cologne bottle
2 empty 1-dram vials 
7 screw thread droppers
perfumer's funnel
20 fragrance tester strips
5 formula cards for recording blends
Introduction to Artisan Perfumery pamphlet

A recipe to try using this kit: 

  Ratio/ Drops 9ml Bottle 30ml Bottle
Vetiver EO 12 1.1 ml 3.6 ml
Bergamot EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Lime FO 4 .36 ml 0.9 ml
Ginger EO 3 .27 ml 1.2 ml
Cedarwood EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Amber FO 3 .27 ml 0.9 ml
Orange Blossom FO 2 .18 ml 0.6 ml
Carrier Agent 60 5.4 ml 18 ml