Peeps Perfume

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Angie Andriot

Easter may be over, but the candy still lingers (at least, it does at our house!). In honor of this holiday--and the desire to extend it---we have created a Peeps perfume. 

Try it out yourself, and see what you think!

Check out our video for more on finding a fragrance inspiration.

Toasted Marshmallow 40%
Bergamot 4%
Honeysuckle 16%
Blood Orange 10%
Vanilla 10%
Almond 10%
Peach 10%

You can use either fractionated coconut oil (FCO) or perfumer's alcohol as your base. If you do not have perfumer's alcohol, Everclear works fairly well.

All of these oils are available in our store! Just click the fragrance names.

*Photo is by Dawn Endico (

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Oriental Bloom

Posted on May 01, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds

Oriental Bloom by Sarah Ortega

My mother inspired my blend to make for her a sophisticated scent which was unique for her. I have named the scent Oriental Bloom.

Frankincense (3 drops)
Ylang Ylang (7 drops)
Rose (7 drops)
Cinnamon (8 drops)
Orange Blossom (11 drops)
Peach (13 drops)

Repeat recipe until desired strength. Then add your favorite carrier agent.

Both my mother and I love this unusual perfume. It's a light fragrance with the hint of exotic from the blend of orange blossom and cinnamon.

***You may use this perfume recipe for personal, but not commercial purposes. © Sarah Ortega 2015

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Floral Blend

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds

Floral Blend by Jessica Deamer

To date this is one of my favorite perfume recipes:

Ylang Ylang EO (5 parts)
Rose Water Concentrate (2 parts)
Jasmine EO (3 parts)

My Mother loves Jasmine and the Rose/Ylang Ylang combination is a classic! It is a pleasant scent without being overpoweringly floral. Just the way mom likes it!

***You may use this perfume recipe for personal, but not commercial purposes. © Jessica Deamer 2015

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Everlasting Marriage

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds

Everlasting Marriage by Ella Bennett

Below is my recipe for Lasting Marriage. A soft, smooth and lingering blend inspired by my Mother, who loves wearing all of the ingredients. Her wedding flower bouquet, some 30 years ago, contained all of the flowers and bean included in my blend. My father was the one to craft it for her on their special day.

To recreate Everlasting Marriage combine:

Rose EO (20 drops)
Chamomile EO (10 drops)
Honey Absolute (12 drops)
Patchouli EO (7 drops)
Vanilla EO (5 drops)
Jojoba Oil (10 ml)

While my blend doesn't contain many scents, I am a firm believer that sometimes "less is more" and you simply must try it!

***You may use this perfume recipe for personal, but not commercial purposes. © Ella Bennett 2015

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"Maa" Solid Perfume

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds

"Maa" - Solid Perfume by Aayusha Shah

(Maa is the household Indian term for mother). I've always had a keen fascination with smells. With no formal training and limited authentic essential oils at my disposal, I'd often resort to creating my own floral blends for atmospheric enhancement at home for relaxation.

Last year, my mother gifted me the Vetiver Deluxe Perfume Kit so I could finally try my hand at artisan perfumery.

My mother was raised with 4 siblings in a tiny Mumbai tenement, and unlike most girls then, never let her humble lower-middle class beginnings limit her future. She was the first girl in her orthodox Hindu family to be a college graduate, as well as the first to get a job.

While these things seem trivial today, for a young woman asserting a right to these opportunities it was a Herculean struggle then. Yet, she has provided me with every opportunity she was denied as a child (such as playing sports and traveling the world). She has encouraged me to think and live in as many ways as possible.

I'd like to create a signature solid perfume hopefully reminiscent of her grounding warmth and core strength (even though I can probably never do her enough justice). A solid base ensures it can be easily portable and significant of her rooted personality.

Reconstructing "Maa"


2 tsp beeswax

2 tsp carrier oil - sweet almond oil

Vanilla (8 drops)

Cedarwood (3 drops)

Vetiver EO (4 drops)

Sandalwood (4 drops)

Frankincense (8 drops)

Rose (6 drops)

Lavender (10 drops)

Nag Champa (11 drops)

Grapefruit (11 drops)

Optional: A few crushed petals for aesthetic appeal

A small sanitized container


Prepare your container and have it handy.

Since the beeswax hardens extremely fast, blend all your fragrance oils (besides the carrier) together before melting the beeswax.

Using a saucepan over medium-low heat, melt the beeswax completely.

Immediately add the sweet almond oil to it, stirring rapidly.

Before removing the pan from the heat, toss in your small ground petals, if desired.

Carefully take the hot pan off and add in your fragrance oils, stir well.

Immediately pour mixture into container.

Seal the container shut with the lid. Do not shake and let it rest until it sets completely.

Wrap with a pretty ribbon and hope to brighten up your Mum's day with this gift!

***Everything you need for the perfume can be purchased right here at Vetiver! Feel free to use this perfume recipe for personal, but not commercial purposes. © Aayusha Shah 2015. Photo by Alicia Solario.***

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Midsummer Dream

Posted on February 06, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds


<3 Midsummer Dream

Winter blues got you down? Well Vetiver has just the thing to remind you of those warm summer days! This perfume was inspired by a customer request for the lovely smell of orange trees blossoming under the summer sun. More of a daytime scent, we recomend you blend this perfume with our golden jojojba oil! Just like sunlight in a bottle, this little recipe is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Everything you need for this perfume can be ordered right here at vetiver! This recipe is given in drops, and perfectly fits in our 9 ml roll-on bottles. Once you add the oils to the bottle, fill the rest of the way with jojoba, cap with a roll-on insert, and give a gentle shake for 10 secs to throughly blend your perfume. Roll-on and enjoy! (Note this perfume took about 8 weeks to settle into its final form. Feel free to use this perfume recipe for personal, but not comercial purposes.) © Jessica Reynolds 2014

Oil  Drops Notes
Orange Blossom 40 Top
Neroli EO Blend 5 Top
Honeysuckle 10 Heart
Rosewood 15 Heart
Muhuhu EO 5 Base
Bergamot EO 8 Top
Apricot 8 Heart
Cinnamon 2 Heart
Fresh Dirt 1 Base
Vanilla 2 Base

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Vetiver Creed Type

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Angie Andriot

The Inspiration: Vetiver Creed (1948)

This discontinued classic cologne features top notes of citrus and bergamot, a ginger heart, and base notes of vetiver, cedarwood, and amber. It is more of an evening scent. We have a special kit that provides the fragrance notes you need to make something that is inspired by this cologne. 

Here's a starting point, using oils that are available in our store. (DISCLAIMER: I have never smelled Vetiver Creed, so I have no idea if this recipe approximates it. I just took the notes, and made something I liked out of them). This recipe is given in ratios (x:100), which is good if you're measuring by the drop or need to calculate for your own bottles size, but also is automatically adjusted for our 9ml bottles and 30 ml bottles.

 Ratio/ Drops9ml Bottle30ml Bottle
Vetiver EO 12 1.1 ml 3.6 ml
Bergamot EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Lime FO 4 .36 ml 0.9 ml
Ginger EO 3 .27 ml 1.2 ml
Cedarwood EO 8 .72 ml 2.4 ml
Amber FO 3 .27 ml 0.9 ml
Orange Blossom FO 2 .18 ml 0.6 ml
FCO 60 5.4 ml 18 ml

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