Single Note Perfumes

***NOTE: These are currently being edited to reflect a better individual price. If you current selection says $36 it is being updated. Please contact us and we'll update the price immediately.

These single note perfumes are perfect for layering! Select the fragrances you want, then layer a squirt of each on your skin to combine for your own unique fragrances. Think of the possibilities! You could have a new smell each day! 

Single note perfumes are also great for simple scents. A straightforward, uncomplicated fragrance for a simple, uncomplicated life. 

What you get: 2oz of eau de parfum (alcohol based if in the US) in a frosted rectangle bottle with a gold atomizer cap. The dilution is a strong 25/75 fragrance/perfumer's alcohol blend. Mix and match to get the collection you want! 

Looking for an oil based perfume instead? Check out our Single Note Roll-ons!

*** If you are buying this from another country, your perfumes will be made with a fractionated coconut oil base. We cannot ship alcohol-based perfume internationally via USPS.